Dell Recovery Partition Access How to..

07. April 2015 Microsoft 2,182
Here’s a quick story. Complete C: Drive Failure.  Dell Recovery partition still intact.  But how to I access it now? Here’s what we did. Boot from a Windows 7 installation disk.  Since it is a 64 bit system, we used a 64 bit disk. Go to the Repair > System Recovery Options screen, then click ...

Issues with Microsoft patch KB 3002657, warning issued on KB 3046049

12. March 2015 Microsoft 4,321
Came into the office this morning to find no one could log into Exchange with Outlook.   On the local network, Outlook 2013 would connect and function, but it would keep prompting for the password, email out/in would work fine however.  Outside the network, users connecting to Exchange with Outlook with RPC of http could ...

Quickbooks Error 3381,Status Code-1118

11. December 2014 Microsoft 3,043
I recently cloned by laptop drive to a new SSD drive.  Everything seemed to have cloned without a hitch, except my Quickbooks 2010.  An alert for some license issue kept popping up and it wouldn’t load.  I tried a re-install off the CD and got the same result. What fixed the issue was deleting the EntitlementDataStore.ecml ...

Cisco ASA 9.x Capture

09. December 2014 Cisco ASA 2,941
Running the capture command on the new ASA ios is a little different in the 8.2 code. Older 8.2 code access-list CAP permit ip host any access-list CAP permit ip any host capture CAP access-list CAP interface inside Newer 9.x code. access-list CAP permit ip host any access-list CAP permit ip any4 ...

Policy NAT through L2L VPN Tunnel

11. September 2014 Cisco ASA 2,208
I’ve come across a few times where we had to NAT our subnet over to another company when building a LAN-2-LAN VPN because it may overlap with their subnet or another site they have a VPN Tunnel to.  In any case, here’s a simple method to NAT your subnet to them. There’s some VPN configuration ...

Registry hack enables continued updates for Windows XP

24. June 2014 Microsoft 4,321
This information was borrowed from ZDNet. As reported by Wayne Williams at Betanews and confirmed by us, a simple registry hack to a Windows XP system tricks Windows Update into providing updates for it. Williams says that the hack, included just below, makes the system look like Windows Embedded POSReady 2009 which will continue to receive updated until April ...

Delete folder on Cisco Catalyst Switch

24. March 2014 Cisco Switch 4,772
Deleting files in flash is no problem.  Did you ever try to delete a folder?  It errors back if you still have files within the folder.  Here’s how to remove the folder and anything else still existing within that folder. delete /force /recursive flash:<folder name>    

Factory Reset Cisco 7940, 7960, 7941, and 7961 IP Phones

19. February 2014 Cisco VOIP 2
Here are the steps on how to reset a Cisco IP Phone to factory default. You can follow these procedures, if: the IP phone is not booting properly, password recovery, firmware upgrade, if the IP phone has the speaker button on, but nothing displayed on the screen or blank screen display, and so on. When ...

NONAT issues on a L2L VPN Tunnel with 9.1+

11. February 2014 Cisco ASA 2,357
Today I  just have to vent a little.  I spent the last hour troubleshooting a simple L2L VPN ASA configuration between a 5510 & a new 5505. Upgraded the IOS to 9.1.4  on the 5505 along with the ASDM to the latest for the customers sake. Forgot the main ingredient for NO NAT to work through ...